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Premier+™ Software Newsletter - November 2015

Welcome to your PREMIER+™ Embroidery Software newsletter. This month we will look at SuperDesigns, the new .vp4 format, and the Thread Cache module.

Inspired Icons

Inspired Icons

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SuperDesigns have grown tremendously from the 5D™ to 6D™ to Premier+™ Embroidery Systems. In the Premier+™ and 6D™ software they can be found on the SuperDesign tab. In the 5D™ software they were called MiniDesigns and could be found on the Motif Page.

Some SuperDesigns are multicolored, and the stitch type and style for many can be changed. Alter the size, proportions, stitch type and thread color. A SuperDesign can be resized with constant stitch density, and the stitch properties adjusted even after saving, until it is fixed as embroidery. When first starting Premier+™ Embroidery, the Appliqué category is selected. If you have used the SuperDesign tab previously, the most recent category is remembered.

SuperDesign sets are grouped into categories. Each set contains 9 SuperDesigns and in some sets have alternative styles. The SuperDesign gallery shows thumbnails of all the SuperDesigns in the currently selected SuperDesign set. SuperDesigns have names and keywords, to allow you to search easily in all categories. There are 1300+ in the PREMIER+™ ULTRA package including all the different designs and styles!

In the 6D™ Embroidery System, SuperDesigns are fixed as an embroidery when they are rotated, mirrored, repeated with Encore, ColorSorted, Combined with another design, or saved. The stitches are then created, and any further resizing of the embroidery may affect stitch density and length. The stitch properties, for example the density, pattern, angle or stitch length, may not be changed after it is fixed. There are 576 SuperDesigns in the 6D™ software.

In the 5D™ Embroidery System the MiniDesigns can be resized and you can change some of the properties of the design until you leave the Motif tab. There are 306 MiniDesigns in the 5D™ software.

Stitch Type options Heart design

The heart design is found in the 5D™, 6D™, and Premier+™ software. In 5D™ Embroidery you can only change the size. In 6D™ Embroidery you can change the size and properties of the continuous satin and triple stitches.

In the PREMIER+™ Embroidery System you can also change the Pattern Fills, creating the design shown at the beginning of the section. How creative is it to be able to turn the simple design into this embroidery? The fill for the heart is Pattern 111 and the wings use Pattern 43.

Module Mystique

Module Mystique

Module Mystique

This month we will look at the new Thread Cache module. In the 6D™ and 5D™ Embroidery Systems, the Thread Manager was found as part of Configure. You can record your personal thread stash(es) in Thread Manager or in Premier+™ Thread Cache, but new features have been added. So let's take a look!

Use Premier+™ Thread Cache Premier+ Thread Cache to list your personal thread collection, to create a list of favorite thread ranges, and to view your threads on your mobile device at the Thread Cache website (this is the new part).

List your personal thread collection in one or more My Threads palettes and print a My Threads shade card. Create your own list of favorite thread ranges, too. Use My Threads palettes and My Thread Ranges to choose from only the threads you own when changing or adding colors in the PREMIER+™ Embroidery System. Record the stock levels of your favorite threads with spool size to estimate whether you have enough thread for a project.

Thread Stock tab

iPhone screen

Transfer your thread database from your Windows® computer to the Thread Cache web database to view on your mobile phone or tablet. Use the Thread Cache website to view your chosen threads, and note your purchases as you visit different stores.

Use the Thread Cache website on your mobile device to view and update your My Thread databases. View all threads, or Star threads, and note which threads you have purchased.

Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques

The new working format for your PREMIER+™ Embroidery System projects is the Husqvarna Viking / Pfaff (.vp4) format. The .vp3 format used in the 6D™ and 5D™ Embroidery Systems is also multipart, but .vp4 is the new multipart design format with additional features. For example, it also preserves thread color information and notes.

The hoop information is stored in your .vp4 embroidery file, and used for your initial Export settings. Decorations and Appliqué pieces will be saved inside the .vp4 file, too.

Files in .vp4 format will be loaded in the correct hoop, with background and groups exactly as saved. Alignment stitches will be retained. The design at the top of this section can be found in the Premier+ Inspiration/Wildlife/Stitch folder. Notice the background fabric was remembered.

The orange handles indicate a group of designs. If you use Restrict Groups [icon] you may adjust one of the elements individually. The green handles indicate that they are built-in fonts and their properties (including font, letters and fill patterns) can be changed with a right-click.

Fun Facts to Know and Tell

Did you know there are over 6000 backgrounds in PREMIER+™ EXTRA and PREMIER+™ ULTRA (2400+ in the 6D™ and 5D™ Embroidery System) to audition your projects on? These backgrounds include garments, quilt blocks and fabric.

For owners of HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® embroidery machines who do not already own embroidery software, we are delighted to announce that the PREMIER+™ Complimentary Software download is now available, including PREMIER+™ QuickFont to create font files for your embroidery machine from most TrueType® or OpenType® fonts on your computer and PREMIER+™ Explorer Plug-In to view embroideries and design files as thumbnail images in Windows® Explorer. Download today from

For owners of HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer Jade or PFAFF® creative 1.5, the PREMIER+™ Intro Software download is now available. If you have already installed the 6D™ Intro Software, you are able to use the same activation code for your PREMIER+™ Intro Software. Download today from

Best wishes from Premier+

P.S. Watch for the PREMIER+™ newsletter next month as we look at Export Appliqué Pieces, Decorations, and the Create module.