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Premier+™ Software Newsletter - December 2015

Welcome to the Premier+™ newsletter. This month we will look at Exporting Appliqué Pieces, Decorations, and the Create module.

Inspired Icons

Inspired Icons

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If you have an appliqué embroidery design, you can now save or print appliqué outlines ready for cutting. (In earlier software you can visualize appliqué outlines but not store them within your file.) Under the File tab in most PREMIER+™ modules, you will find the Export Appliqué Pieces icon Export Appliqué Pieces.

Export Appliqué Pieces

There are five appliqué piece export methods*:

  • Export for Cutter saves a SVG, DXF or FCM image file for use in an automated fabric cutter.
  • Export for Cutwork Needles saves stitch files that can be used with INSPIRA™ Cutwork Needles. Select 2 or 4 needles, choose whether to use secure points for fabric stability and their length.
  • Print Templates as outlines to stitch or pin to fabric then cut out.
  • Print Appliqué Pictures directly onto printable fabric or an iron-on transfer; this also prints the image of the appliqué piece.
  • Export for Custom Layout: Save as PNG files with the fabric image placed as the fill for each shape. This is designed for use with fully customized layouts, for example if you wish to arrange the shapes in your cutter software or in another graphics package.

* Screenshot taken in Premier+ Embroidery System version 11.1, which will be available in January.

Cutwork stitches

Here is the duck exported for cutwork needles. Just hoop up your duck fabric, and use cutwork needles 1 and 2 (red & yellow). You now have fabric cut that will fit your appliqué duck perfectly.

Recommended file formats for some popular cutters:

Cutter Software Export Format
Cricut Explore® Cricut Design Space 1.091 DXF (inches)
KNK Zing Air® Make the Cut! 4.6.1 (Zing Plugin 2.1.0) SVG (inches)
Silhouette Cameo® Silhouette Studio 3.6.39 ss DXF (millimeters)
Brother ScanNCut® ScanNCutCanvas 2.1.0 FCM (Coming in January)

Module Mystique

Module Mystique

Module Mystique

This month we will look at the new Premier+™ Create module. In the 5D™ and 6D™ software, we called this module Design Creator. Create has a whole new look, to include the Ribbon bar. The Filmstrip is always on the left and the Design Panel is always on the right.

Modify Block screenshot

There are so many new things to tell you about this module; this month we will start with just a few of them. All the tools are located on the ribbon bar. On the Home tab is a tool called Modify Block. Located under the drop down are three options.

Use the Modify Block Modify Block dialog box to show and change the size and rotation of the currently selected block.

Use Scale to Fit Hoop Scale To Fit Hoop to resize the design in the work area proportionally, to fit within the boundaries of the hoop, centered in the hoop. This is useful to resize a whole design to fit in a different hoop, although you need to consider whether to change settings or stitch types. For example, if you enlarge a design, it may be beneficial to add a pattern to wide satin columns.

Change Design Size screenshot

Use the Change Design Size Change Design Size dialog box to alter a design automatically to a new size, allowing for the stitch objects used. Resize the design to the desired width or height, then click OK to show your changes in the work area.

Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques

The Decoration tab is new in the PREMIER+™ EXTRA and PREMIER+™ ULTRA packages. Add decoration to an existing design or change decoration of an existing design. We adjusted the pattern fills in this heart SuperDesign last month. Now we will add decorations!

Click Draw Shape Draw Shape to draw a shaped line of decorations on your project, using the shape currently selected in the gallery of preset shapes. Once placed, a decoration shape is treated as a line of decorations. The design at the beginning of the section has a heart shape of 4mm crystals surrounding it.

Decoration tab

Click Select Decoration Select Decoration to select individual decorations, or lines of decorations for editing or deleting. To change color, size or material, click Properties Properties after selecting decorations. When a line or shape is enlarged, the number of decorations increases. It decreases as the line or shape is made smaller. Use Ctrl and click to select a number of individual decorations, for instance to change the color for some beads in a Super Design.

Decorated design

Click Place Individual Place Individual to place decorations individually on your project. Click Place Individual and select a decoration type, material, color, size and angle in the Decoration Selection dialog. Then click to place decorations.

Click Draw Line Draw Line to place lines of decorations on your project. Select a bead, sequin, crystal or nailhead using your preferred material, size and color in the Decoration Selection dialog, and then draw your line. Select the angle of Rotation, and choose whether the line of decorations will follow the line drawn (Follow Line), or if they will use the angle set in rotation (Stepped).

Click Decoration SuperDesign Decoration SuperDesign to insert a Decoration SuperDesign into your current project. Change the size, color and decoration type to complement your project.

Click Delete Selection Delete Selection to delete the currently selected individual decoration, or line of decorations. Click Break Up Line Break Up Line to break up the currently selected line of decorations into individual decorations for independent editing.

Fun Facts to Know and Tell

Did you know there are 27 new Fonts in the PREMIER+™ ULTRA package including Appliqué, Effects (Felting, Twin Needle, Wing Needle), and several in the other categories.

Best wishes for happy holidays from Premier+

P.S. Watch for the Premier+™ newsletter next month as we look at Thread and Needle effects, Satin stitch properties and the Monogram Wizard.