Embroidery has become quite sophisticated these days, and decorative designs incorporating original, geometric or free-form Motif stitches are frequently seen on high quality ready-to-wear garments and household textiles.

You can create decorative Motifs in the 5D™ Full System software using 5D™ Design Creator, or in the 4D™ Full System in 4D™ Fabric Decorator software. Design your own Motif stitches, and you can produce truly unique finishes to your embroidery designs. Once you've created a special embroidery that is just perfect for your new shirt or jacket, transfer it quickly to your embroidery machine.

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You can place an embroidery design onto your machine in several different ways. If you have an HUSQVARNA VIKING®/PFAFF® embroidery and sewing machine, you can open 5D™ or 4D™ Configure software 4D Configure. Click the Send 1 Send 1 or Send 2 Send 2 tabs and select your personal sewing and embroidery machine from the list.

Module Minute

Module MinuteModule Minute

Have you ever created decorative Motifs in 5D™ Design Creator or 4D™ Fabric Decorator? Making a special Motif for a holiday or a personal occasion can be great fun. How about a kite-flying Motif to incorporate into an Encored design?

Skill Builder

Skill BuilderSkill Builder

Now that you have designed your own Motif stitch, have some fun creating a distinctive embroidery. Select the Motif page in the 5D™ Embroidery Extra module. Next, choose My Motifs in the Motif menu. In Pattern, select the Motif you just created.

Skill Builder

5D QuiltDesign Creator5D™ QuiltDesign Creator

You can easily create special textures using your own unique Motif Fills and Motif Lines in the 5D™ QuiltDesign System or 4D™ QuiltDesign Creator software! In the New Design Wizard, select Start a New Element. In the next page of the Wizard, set the Height and Width as a guide for sizing your Motif. In 5D™ QuiltDesign System software, you can type in either mm or inches and the software will recalculate to your default size settings! Select Finish, and you are ready to design your Motif.

Fun Facts to Know and Tell

Fun Facts to Know and Tell

Create .4qb files in the 5D™ QuiltDesign System or 4D™ QuiltDesign Creator, and open them in the 5D™ Embroidery System to save as Motif stitches, so you can create embroideries that coordinate with your long-arm quilting designs!

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