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PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery System

mySewnet™ & PREMIER+™ 2 Software Newsletter - July 2021

Welcome to the mySewnet™ and PREMIER+™ 2 Newsletter. Check out our feature and then join us for some inspiration!

Today's topic is Embellish your Embroidery with Decorations and Ribbons.




Embellishing Unique Surface Designs

mySewnet™ Embroidery and PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery are great software products for designing or editing embroidery stitches. However, designing is not limited to only stitches and thread! Today, let's discover how to add texture and glam with the mySewnet™ Embroidery Embellish tab or the PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery Decorations tab.

The Embellish tools are available in the mySewnet™ Embroidery Software Gold or Platinum versions. The Decoration tools are available in the PREMIER+™ 2 EXTRA or ULTRA versions.

Add and view placement of decorative elements such as ribbon, sequins, rhinestones, pearls, and beads, so it's easy to visualize their unique texture in your embroideries.


Shown above, design 100465011, Holiday Quilting with Trapunto Bells from the mySewnet™ Embroidery Library. Embellished with Decorations (Transparent Round, pink, Size 6mm, Spacing 10mm), and with Ribbon Embroidery (Color blue-violet, Size 6mm ribbon width).
The Library is included in a paid subscription to mySewnet™ Embroidery, or for purchase-to-own in the mySewnet™ Library (in most countries).


Decorations can be placed individually Decoration Individual, by drawing a line Decoration Line, as a pre-designed shape Decoration Shape, or as a Decoration SuperDesign Decoration SuperDesign.

Decoration Types

Once you've added Decorations to an existing design, use the Edit Embellishment or Decoration tools to adjust them.

Decoration Select

Adjust as many times as you wish, and when you Save Save (use File > Save in Mac), or Save As Save As (use Alt/Option key and File > Save As in Mac) to make a working design file in the special system .vp4 format, you can later reopen the working file and select the Embellishment/Decoration tab for adjustments down the road!

When you design your own, as long as you've saved as that special working .vp4, you can edit them again and again as needed or desired!

When you Export for stitching, marker stitches are automatically added for placement of Decorations.

If you have an electronic cutter, you can make a gem-setting template file for most cutters, using the Export Decoration Template option in the File menu!


In mySewnet™ Embroidery Embroidery, the Embellish tab has been upgraded to add designing for Ribbon Embroidery, suitable for stitching down ribbons using the Ribbon Embroidery Attachment, available as an accessory to select HUSQVARNA® VIKING™ and PFAFF® Embroidery and Sewing Machines.


Ribbon embroideries designed in mySewnet™ Embroidery's Embellish tab can also be edited within the Embellish tab, using the same Edit Embellishment toolbar as for Decorations! The tools update once you select a Ribbon Embellishment, so they exclude (grey out or dim) Decoration-only editing functions.

Decoration Select

Tips for Ribbon Embroideries:

  • When placing points, space the points closer when making sharp-turning curves, and farther apart for straight lines or gentle curves.
  • Hold the SHIFT key to make the point square, for a sharp point or straight segment of line in the borderline for the ribbon design.
  • When you've completed and closed a line, adjust by selecting Select, and then move the nodes, Insert Points Add_Points, Delete Points Delete_Points, or remove the segment with Delete Selection Delete. Moving nodes to adjust the baseline shaping is more efficient if you start editing from the first placed point and work toward the last placed point in each ribbon segment.
  • Save often as you adjust (for either Decorations or Ribbons) to ensure your work is backed up.




Texturize with Embellishments!

Here are some creative ideas for the Decoration and Ribbon design tools from the Embellishment tab! Add tactile intrest and visual appeal to your projects!

With so many ready-to-wear garments sporting ribbon, beads, and other gemstone embellishments this year, it's not surprising we're all thinking of texture, glitter, and glamorous looks for our embroidery. These design ideas should get you on the path to creating your own unique and touchable embellished embroidery projects.


Design shown above is 100466020 Floral Ornament, from the mySewnet™ Embroidery Library, with Ribbon Shape 50, and Ribbon SuperDesign Heart 1 edited using Edit Embellishments/Decorations to adjust the shaping and size of the heart. Rhinestones in the flower centers are Pearl Crystal Round, color green, size 4 mm,added with Place Individual Decoration Individual.


Shown above, Background image added from mySewnet™ Draw & Paint in mySewnet™Platinum. The Ribbon Embroidery was designed over the Background image with Add Ribbon, Draw Line tool, Point Line tool. Smiley Face Decoration from the Decoration SuperDesign, Faces folder.


Shown above, embroidery from SuperDesigns, Appliqué, Animals 3, Design 8 – Whale, using Satin, at size 150mm. Waves from Decorations, Decoration SuperDesign, Miscellaneous, Scallop 1, using Encore to Line with 3 Repeats. Sun is a Ribbon Superdesign, Climate, Sun 1.

These are just a few illustrations of an abundance of ways to add texture and visual tactile appeal to existing or new embroideries using the Embellish or Decoration tabs in mySewnet™ and PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery software!

And don't forget the FilmStrip in mySewnet™ Embroidery makes editing, selecting, and adjusting the stitch sequence a breeze!

Jump in and design something luxuriously, touchably, delightful today!

Did you know...

... that Ribbon, Decoration, Letter, Frame, and many Project-in-the-hoop, .edo and SuperDesign elements are 'working' design elements that can be adjusted for size or properties again and again with no loss of quality. Make a big fish, small fish, and every size between from a single design! Green corner handles on the select box indicate the flexible adjustability of a design element!

Have a fabulous day, from the software team at mySewnet Embroidery!


Join us next month to learn more about the Frame tab's capabilities!