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PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery System

PREMIER+™ 2 Software Newsletter - September 2018

Welcome to the PREMIER+™ 2 Newsletter. Check out our breaking information in News, then stick around for some inspiration!

Today's topic is Decorate Yourself with some Bling; enhance embroideries with Decorations.




New videos at the Learning Center

New videos are waiting at the PREMIER+™ 2 Learning Center!

    Check how you Use the Family Tree Assistant to create an embroidered family chart of up to three generations.   Windows Mac 

Also, PREMIER+™ 2 for Mac version 12.2.2 is now available. This version fixes an issue with activation on the Mac.
Make sure you are using the latest version with Smart Update.




Decorate Yourself with some Bling

We're all about embellishing our lives with embroidery, but how many of you enhance your embroidery with the gems offered in the Decorations tab, available in both the Windows and Mac versions of the PREMIER+™ 2 EXTRA and ULTRA packages?

With a few simple tools, such as Place Individual Single , Draw Line Line (either FreeHand Tablet Draw Line FHTDL or FreeHand P oint Draw Line FHPDL ), Draw Shape Shape , or Decoration SuperDesign SD , you quickly add sparkle and shine to any embroidery.


You also have the option of making Decoration placement stitches within your design so you'll get those crystals or pearls right where they need to be in the finished design!


The Snowflake design shown is from |Documents|Premier+2|Samples|Premier+2Emb|Stitch2|Fashion.

Place a set of decorations, and then utilize the handy Editing tools to fine-tune or select the Decorations for adding and deleting points, and even breaking up the design element so you can do your own thing!


And for more icing on the cake, if you have a digital / electronic craft cutting machine, select Export Decoration Template in the File menu to take the Decoration placement to your cutter. Cut a placement template from transfer media, so all your decorations can be attached at the same time!


Export in the File menu offers options for how you’d like to mark the design for later placement of your Decoration gems if you plan to affix them with a hot tool or by hand!


Find lots more information and instructions on working with Decorations in the user-friendly Guides, available in the PREMIER+™ 2 program folders in Windows or Mac, or in the built-in Help system.

So, next time you are in the mood for a little extra glitz and glitter, visit the Decoration tab in the PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery Extra or ULTRA software!




Enhance an Embroidery with Decorations

There are sew many ways to enhance your embroidery with Decoration lines, shapes and SuperDesigns!

Place Individual gems to add a little accent here and there:


Stocking from Christmas 1, Applique, SuperDesigns.

Place a line of evenly spaced and sized gems for defining elements and making you stand out in the crowd!


Happy Moon from Children 1 Applique SuperDesigns.

Shape up and adjust with Decoration Shapes and the many editing tools available for adjusting your Decoration design elements!


Applique Shields2, Frames, Heart #7.

Quickly add accents with lettering Decoration SuperDesign elements, ready to plop and place!


Decoration SuperDesign SD , Letters Menu.


Or create the sun, the moon and the stars, designed with Decoration SuperDesigns!


Did you know...

... that in PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery you can use Restrict Groups ( RestrictGroupsW.jpg & RestrictGroupsM.jpg ) in the Home tab in Windows, or the main toolbar on Mac, to temporarily unlock the design elements from Project-in-the-Hoop designs to add your own touches such as personalizing names, swapping out embroideries, or even adding INSPIRA® Cutwork Needle Support in the Modify module?


For example, with the project Keyring - Initial, right-click or Control-click to select Properties, and then choose a different font or change the letters.

Have a fabulous day, from the software team at PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery!


Join us next month as we review the functions of Color Tone colortone.jpg , found in PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery, and in the Modify and Sketch modules in PREMIER+™ 2 ULTRA!