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PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery System

PREMIER+™ 2 Software Newsletter - March 2018

Welcome to the PREMIER+™ 2 Newsletter. Check out our breaking information in News, then stick around for some inspiration!

Today's topic is designing original embroideries with Bezier Mode Bezier Mode and Convert Points ( ConvertMac & ConvertMac ) in PREMIER+™ 2 Create Create.




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Designing with Bezier Curves

Designing precise curves and beautiful lines of stitches with perfectly square corners has never been easier when you work with the Bezier Mode and Convert Points ( ConvertWin - Windows ®, ConvertMac - Mac ®) in PREMIER+ ™ 2 Create , part of PREMIER+™ 2 ULTRA.

PREMIER+™ 2 Create Create has many tools for mapping stitches to artwork. Tools in the Quick Create toolbar automatically find an area within artwork to place stitches. Freehand Create tools use the cursor like a pen, drawing around areas to define stitch placement. Precise Create tools help you place series of points to define an area within the artwork to place the stitch objects.

When designing with standard tools in these three modes, a round point defines a curving area, and a square point defines a corner or straight line. Adjusting objects to form perfect curves often requires adjusting many round points, spaced evenly, to produce a smooth curve. Fine tuning for perfectly smooth and even stitches can be time consuming.


Square points sometimes require extra adjustment as well, to make them wrap neatly around the corner.

With the introduction of Bezier Mode Bezier Mode, curves, corners and straight lines are fast, accurate and easy! Bezier designing also uses points, but Bezier points have adjustable handles that let you fine tune a curve or the angle of a corner.

Bezier tools include Bezier Mode Bezier Mode in the Precise Create tab or toolbar, and the Convert Points menu ( ConvertWin - Windows ® Home tab, ConvertMac - Mac ® Control Panel). Convert Menu

Bezier Mode places points a bit differently than the traditional tools. To create a corner or straight line, click to place a Bezier point but don't drag the cursor.


A rectangular shape designed with Corner Bezier points has very precise squared corners, and wraps the stitches neatly and evenly where the corner is turned.

If the Bezier Corner isn't perfectly squared and the corner is not clearly defined, the Convert Points menu in the Home tab has tools to alter any point in a Bezier stitch object, even helping you convert Point Lines to Bezier Lines in older files you designed before the introduction of Bezier.

Convert Points to Corner quickly adjusts a Smooth point to a Corner with just a click!


Designing that perfect circle to embellish your latest project is as precise as can be with Bezier Mode Bezier Mode. Drag while holding the mouse button to create a smooth (rounded) Bezier point with handles for defining and adjusting curved areas. Drag the handles toward the location you'll place the next point to tell the curve how to go!


Perfect circles, ovals, and curved or pointed shapes are so easy to design and adjust using Bezier handles and the Convert Points tools!


Bezier Mode uses several types of handles. You can create the points as Square, or as Smooth (for curves) with Symmetric or Asymmetric handles or a single handle. Bezier tools have just a few quick steps to learn, and you'll be up and creating with precision, or converting older Point Line designs to Bezier Mode, and producing professional quality embroidery as quick as a wink!




Create Shapes with Bezier Curves

How many variations can you dream up in Create with the Bezier Mode today?

Start with four Smooth points with symmetric handles to design a perfectly beautiful circle. Shape1
Shape2 Copy Copy the circle to the clipboard, Insert a red Color Change AddColor in the FlimStrip, then Paste Paste a new circle. Adjust the handles to make a darling heart.
Add a green Color Change AddColor and Paste Paste another circle. In the Convert Points (ConvertWin - Windows ®, ConvertMac - Mac ®) menu, choose Convert Points to Corner, and click each corner point for a perfect square on-point. Shape3
Shape4 Add a pink Color Change, and Paste another circle. Adjust the handles of the point on the right side of the circle into a 'v' shape for a flower petal.
Add a yellow Color Change and Paste another circle. Move the point on the right side of the circle to the left of center to make a crescent. Shape5

Hold the CTRL key (Windows) or Shift key (Mac) and adjust the handles asymmetrically on the top and bottom points to sharpen the tips of the moon!

You'll be ‘over the moon' at how easy designing can be with the new Bezier Mode and Convert Points tools in PREMIER+™ 2 Create!
Take a little time to learn the Bezier tools using the PREMIER+™ 2 Create Reference Guide today! Don't forget to use the Help system, as well, for many tips and illustrations of the Bezier tools.

See how original you can be using the new Bezier tools!

Did you know...

… that Life View LifeView displays your designs in dazzling real life view, using the default settings from the Export tab in Configure Configure , so you can easily visualize how your designs will stitch when finalized for your embroidery machine?

Have a fabulous day, from the software team at PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery!


Join us next month as we explore the fun things you can do with Borders in the PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery and Modify modules / applications!