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6D™ Embroidery System

6D™ Software Newsletter - January 2015

Welcome to the 6D™ newsletter. This month, take a look at the ExpressDesign Wizard, the Modify Design Tool and the Motif Underline feature. Also learn about Fills in 5D™ QuiltDesign Creator.

Inspired Icons

Inspired Icons

Icon Index

With the Modify Design tool Modify Design you can change the size and rotation of the currently selected design or see how much the design has been resized or rotated from the original. The function is found on the Home tab in 6D™ Embroidery.

Check the Proportional box in the Modify Design dialog for proportional adjustment to size; uncheck it to allow width or height to change by itself.

Rotate the embroidery to the desired angle by entering a number in the rotation angle number box, or by using the arrows to increase or decrease the angle of rotation.


Once a design has been modified, the new angle of rotation is shown by the selection box being rotated. If you resize or rotate again, it is from the original embroidery settings. In 5D™ or 4D™ Embroidery Extra you can resize and rotate to precise measurements using the Edit tab, but it is a one-step process that does not "remember" the original size.

Module Mystique

Module Mystique

Module Mystique

The ExpressDesign Wizard offers an easy way to create different new embroideries from the same picture. The wizard has three design options: Express Embroidery, Express Trace and Express Border, and is available in 6D™, 5D™ and 4D™ Embroidery Extra.

Use the ExpressDesign Into Hoop Fit Into Hoop option to create a new embroidery with the ExpressDesign Wizard that is a best-fit to the currently selected hoop. Or select ExpressDesign Fit Into Rectangle Fit Into Rectangle to fit to a particular size.

Use the Choose Design Type page to create a colored embroidery, trace an outline, or create a border from a picture.

Choose Create Express Embroidery to create a new design by converting color areas in a picture to fill and satin areas, using running stitch or satin border outlines where necessary.


Choose Create Express Trace to create a new design by tracing outlines in the picture. Use double trace or quadruple trace to create redwork or blackwork style embroidery or to create quilt stencils. Use satin line trace for larger designs or when a bolder outline is more pleasing.

Pumpkin - Traced

Choose Create Express Border to create a new design by simplifying a picture into solid color areas. Borders are created around these shapes as satin, appliqué, running stitch, double stitch, triple stitch or motifs.

Pumpkin - Border

Step through the rest of the ExpressDesign Wizard. When you click Finish, the new embroidery will be placed in the center of the hoop. Depending on its shape, it will fit in the hoop vertically and/or horizontally or the size you specify.

For a fun technique try combining the Trace option with the Border option.Make the Border as an Appliqué, then take the border design to the Edit tab. Select just the satin stitches, cut those stitches to the clipboard, then paste the satin stitches back onto the Home tab. Use the Layout Order Layout Order feature to ensure the Appliqué placement and tack down stitches are first, then the trace design, then the satin stitches.


Technique Tune-Up

Technique Tune-Up

Technique Tune-Up

It's easy to create a line of motifs, or a single motif, using the Motif Underline feature found on the Border tab in 6D™ Embroidery. Select a Motif from the sets available in 6D™ Embroidery or one that you have created in the Draw tab of Design Creator.

Choose the length of the motif line or select the number of repeats. Motifs are relatively small single-color designs similar to machine stitches, created using single, running and triple stitches.

Border tab

Click the Select Motif Select Motif icon. Select a Motif, change the Size or Stitch type then click OK. Set the Length or the Repeats, then click Apply.

A fun way to use the Length option is to create lines of straight stitches and decorative stitches for a crazy quilt block. In 5D™ Embroidery you can make similar designs using the Motif page of the Control panel for a single motif, then Encore to create a line of them.

In 6D™ or 5D™ Embroidery, select a single Motif then use the Encore function to add more complex elements to your design. The upper left design at the beginning of the section was created using Pattern 5 in Seasonal 1 Category (Universal Group), then Encore in a Circle, 5 Repeats. The motif circle in the design below features Pattern 5 in the Flowers and Leaves 1 Category.

Encored Motifs

QuiltDesign Creator QuiltDesign Creator

QuiltDesign Creator QuiltDesign Creator

Technique Tune-Up

There are six types of Fill available in 5D QuiltDesign Creator. The default fill type is No Fill No Fill when using one of the Create Tools. To select a fill type, simply click on it before using a create function.

The fills are found in the Fills Section of the Drawing Panel on the right of the program window.


  • Stipple Fill Stipple Fill — Create a stipple fill with no surrounding line.
  • Parallel Fill Parallel Fill — Create a parallel line fill.
  • Crosshatch Fill CrossHatch Fill — Create a crosshatch fill.
  • Motif Fill Motif Fill — Create a motif fill.
  • Echo Fill Echo Fill — Create an echo fill.

After choosing your preferred fill type, click on the Options button to change aspects of it. For example, the Option available for the Stipple Fill is to change the distance between the lines of stitching, or Gap.

Stipple Fill with Settings

There are more options available for the Crosshatch Fill. Besides distance between the lines of stitches, you can also set the Style, which is the angle of the lines of stitches.

CrossHatch Fill with Settings

Fun Facts to Know and Tell

Did you know that there are unlimited Undo & Redo actions in 6D™ Embroidery, 50 in 5D™ Embroidery and 10 in 4D™ Embroidery?

Best wishes from 6D™

P.S. Watch for the 6D™ newsletter next month as we look at SuperDesigns and the Embossing feature.

Vantage Software Support
Vantage Software Support

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